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Martina Pileri
fineline tattoos | Cologne

Creating timeless ornaments art works in order to be unique on its kind.


My latest Works

Hi There, 

My name is Martina,  I'm an Italian artist based in Cologne, Germany. 

I have been passionate about everything concerning Art since I was a child. 

On 2017 I start showing interest for the world of tattoos and on 2018 I finally got my certificate as Tattoo Artist in the Fashion Look Academy of Rome.

After a couple of years of self-taught , on 2020 I start working as Resident Artist in Chimichanga Tattoo where I finally found my path

and I couldn't be happier to do what I love.


I am fascinated by ornamental and floral elements together combined with fine lines and dots .

Every design I do is unique in its own style. 


Explore my gallery and get inspired for your next tattoo. 

Much Love, 


About me

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